These images are of people I've never met in Real Life. The source images have been grabbed from various posted OnLine image files or from ones received by email and are based on impressions I've made while spending time with these people in Chat Rooms and on Message Boards. This series actually started as an attempt to retouch various low quality, poorly scanned jpegs and gifs that folk had posted of themselves. My intentions were to retouch and then give them back an "improved" web friendly image ;) But... the artist in me started playing and I've since embellished the original images in my own unique manner. These images do not, in any way, represent an "accurate" portrayal or the Truth of these folks and are just a view from my own individual artistic perspective :) They are posted here as a demonstration of the various graphic skill sets I posses and as an attempt to entertain, amuse, and share my Vision with the Net as a whole. Although I have found that most of my subjects have enjoyed my play, all requests to remove an image from these pages are honored.
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